About The Pastors

Sheldon & Crystal Beilke


Pastor Sheldon was born in Milwaukee, WI and grew up in his grandfather’s church in Minneapolis but never knew a relationship with Jesus. As a teenager he began to run as far away from God as he could, hanging in the streets of North Minneapolis and formed a rap group. Deep in the pits of depression, he suffered from suicidal thoughts and attempted to escape by joining the military to go to the front lines and die. But due to chronic allergies and asthma he was denied. Late one evening as he was ready to kill himself he cried out to God and said, “God if you’re real I’ll show up to church tomorrow! But if you don’t show up, that’s it! I’m done!” God met Sheldon powerfully at the alter the next morning and lifted the weight of depression off his shoulders, breaking every chain the enemy had used to keep him ensnared. This ignited the call to become a Pastor and reach those who are suffering. Video Testimonial

Pastor Crystal was born in Orange County, California, in a single parent home and struggled in many ways. As a child, she bounced around between family members but ultimately ended up homeless in the streets of LA with her mom and younger sister. Eventually, the 3 of them ended up in Minnesota. She lived in a homeless shelter from the age of 7 to 14 in St. Paul. As a teenager she began to rebel and party. Jesus had always been present through her childhood, so while she said with her words that Jesus was her savior, her actions and lifestyle didn’t line up. After a very unhealthy relationship she decided to put her foot down and cry out to God. She no longer wanted to live half-way for Him.

Sheldon and Crystal had both encountered the unstoppable love of Jesus during the exact same month, though through completely different situations! Shortly after their life changing moments, they went on their first date together. They were married in 2006 and have 4 children; Elijah 13yrs, Ethan 11yrs, Anna 5yrs and Mila 2yrs old. 

Sheldon and his wife studied at the Assemblies of God Minnesota School of Ministry and both are Ordained through the AG.

They have a firm belief; that with God, nothing shall be impossible.
They are a true testament to the unstoppable love of Jesus Christ.

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